The right chemistry

Science editing

Writing with impact

Do you want to make sure that your research work or scientific paper has the intended impact? Are you looking to…

  •     convince experts?
  •     generate interest?
  •     share developments?
  •     start conversations?
  •     better position yourself and your work?


You can have the most impact when you tick all these boxes: Structure. Substance. Style. Having your texts edited by a professional will help you make a better impression on the people reading them.

„We depend on our words… Our task is to communicate experience and ideas to others.“

Niels Bohr (1867–1962)

What exactly does editing entail?

Manuscript support

Do you have a manuscript to publish? As an editor with a scientific background, I can work with you every step of the way – from choosing the right specialist medium to polishing the final draft. You can rely on me to point out potential weak points, make suggestions and implement the necessary corrections.

A good manuscript…

  •     clearly conveys the main message using exactly the right words
  •     covers just the information that matters – nothing more, nothing less
  •     has a clear and logical structure
  •     uses unambiguous terminology consistently
  •     is appropriate for the chosen medium
  •     flows and is easy to read
  •     meets all the relevant referencing requirements
  •     is well written and has no spelling or grammatical errors in sight


Once an experienced editor has finished with it, your text will be ready to meet the expectations of the most critical expert eyes.


Text optimization

If you want your texts to be accessible and impactful, you need to make sure they are…

  •     crystal clear
  •     written with your target audience in mind
  •     factually correct
  •     conveying your main message
  •     in the appropriate format for the chosen medium


Editing by an experienced expert is your formula for success.


Manuscript rewriting

Do you already have a paper, a talk or lecture notes that you need to repurpose for publication in a different format?


I’m a qualified scientist and experienced editor, so you know you can count on me to carefully adapt your existing words to suit the new requirements.

Quick questions

Feel free to send me an email, give me a call or fill in my contact form. You can find all my contact details at the bottom of this page. Or why not download my list of quick questions? It’s right here: questions_editing.pdf. If you already have some of the answers ready for me, please send them over when you email me.

Experience and expertise

I graduated from university with a degree in chemistry. My doctorate came next, with my thesis research delving into photosynthesis, proteins, plant pigmentation, light and moss. Exciting stuff, don’t you agree?

I’m passionate about sharing scientific knowledge. As a freelancing editor for international chemistry journals and reference works for many years, I’ve perfected the skill of editing manuscripts for publication, ensuring that the content is as clear and accessible as possible. And that mission has been at the heart of WORDS4SCIENCE ever since 2011.

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