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We express ourselves through words. Our language allows us to explain and describe even the most abstract and complex ideas in science and chemistry. Do you always manage to find the right words? The exact language you need to convey what you want to say? Sure you do!

But wouldn’t it be better if you could turn to a professional who understands? You can trust me, WORDS4SCIENCE Dr. Roswitha Harrer, to translate your science texts into German. As a scientist, chemist, experienced editor, and examined translator, I pay close attention to substance and style and, in web texts, look for the demands for search engine optimization. I check and edit your nonfiction texts so that they get straight to the point and allow you to share exciting areas of science with the world. Leave it to me to make science crystal clear.

Editing of scientific texts

Science communication

Translation service EN-DE

Attracting and convincing readers

Communicating strategically and to the point

Overcoming the language barrier

Chemistry is everywhere...

Chemistry is all around us and this website is no exception. You might have guessed that I’m a chemist with a passion for research within the field of chemistry.

I’m inspired to write by the colours and forms of matter, the force or subtlety of chemical reactions. Compelled to describe and explain. To find just the right words for science and nature.

Wissenschaft, Sprache und Chemie - WORDS4SCIENCE Dr. Roswitha Harrer

Science, language, and chemistry



elements in the Periodic Table


and even more chemical compounds known


different types of atoms in caffeine: C<sub>8</sub>H<sub>10</sub>N<sub>4</sub>O<sub>2</sub>

Reading and understanding


Science books

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