Down to a science

Science communication

It’s easy to convince yourself  that effective science communication is not your cup of tea. You tell yourself…


  •     you don’t have the time or brain space.
  •     you’re not keen on posting on social media.
  •     you don’t know where to start.
  •     you struggle to maintain a steady flow of topics.
  •     you don’t think it’s possible to explain complex concepts.
  •     you’re not sure what exactly the purpose of you talking about science would be.


But what about if I could help you to…

  •     decide on a concept?
  •     find your medium?
  •     communicate to the right target audience?
  •     write texts in any format?
  •     write regular posts?
  •     research topics?

„Chemistry begins in the stars. The stars are the source of the chemical elements, which are the building blocks of matter and the core of our subject.“

Peter Atkins (*1940)

Read all about it

You may wish to share regular updates in the form of a newsletter, press releases or a less formal blog on your website. The idea is to describe the latest developments clearly enough to make the information accessible to your target audience.

Quick questions

Contact me directly by email, fill in my contact form or give me a call. You can find all my contact details at the bottom of this page. Or why not download my list of quick questions right now? I just need a few answers before I can make a start on your project.

Guide price for news and articles

If the amount of research involved is reasonable and sources can be accessed directly, you can expect to pay €300 for an informative press release or similar text that speaks to your target audience in German and covers one standard page (1800 characters or ca. 300 words).

For texts to be written in English, I will include a round of proofreading by a native speaker in my quote.

Why not see for yourself?

I write news articles for science magazines on a regular basis. You can find a list of my published pieces in the ORCID database.

Strategic communication

… involves careful planning to ensure that your own content and concepts are communicated effectively. This was covered by the training course I took in 2020 through the Düsseldorf-based German Academy for Public Relations. Communicating clearly through written scientific texts is what I do best.

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