Good chemistry

Editing …

Chemical texts have their own particular challenges. They are filled with strange names and terms, contain illustrations which in themselves can be purely diabolical, and cover subjects that most people perceive as scarcely comprehensible and abstract.


Editing in this field can mean two different tasks. The first is correctness. Has everything been named correctly and is the correct terminology used? Any spelling or grammatical errors? Do the numbers add up and does the information in the text match that in the figures and tables? I refer to this type of editing as proof-reading or copy-editing.


The other task is improving readability. Could something be expressed in a simpler, more comprehensible or more elegant way? Which technical terms need to be explained and how? Are all interrelationships made clear? Does the text need restructuring to develop the ideas better? Are some parts redundant? What content is needed to fulfill the intended aim of the text, and what can be left out? I refer to this type of editing as structural editing or review editing.


Well-structured texts with appropriate style and wording can make science crystal-clear. They inform the reader—at best in an enjoyable and manageable way without being overly demanding.

„We depend on our words… Our task is to communicate experience and ideas to others.“

Niels Bohr (1867–1962)

It’s your project. I make sure it has good chemistry.

What can I do for you as an editor?

Terminology: I check the chemical names, nomenclature, and units. I also check if expressions and designations are used consistently.


Conformity and logic: I check whether the information in the text matches that in the graphics and tables. I can identify where numbers may be incorrect (although I can’t recalculate your equations). I will suggest adding information in the text where necessary or leaving out redundant parts.

Grammar and spelling: I correct grammatical and spelling errors.


Structural Editing
Structure and formatting: I can advise you on text structuring, depending on the publication type. I can also format your texts.

Style: I remove “filler” words and unnecessary phrases, change the passive to the active voice where appropriate, replace jargon with forma expressions, and rephrase to change nominalizations into active expressions. These changes are inteded to make the ext more fluent and focused.


What exactly do you need?

How can I help you?

Get in touch an send me an example of the text you want to have edited. Please also include information on what type of editing you prefer. Based on this example and the information you provide, I will prepare a quotation including a total price or an hourly rate.

We will also discuss the method of editing, i.e., if you request text edits made with the track changes function or using comments only (Word and pdf documents). If you accept my quote, I will ask you for a detailed briefing before I start editing to obtain further information o your requirements.

If you add more documents at a later stage that were not included in the original quotation, these will incur extra charges.