Chemical translations, editing and writing Roswitha Harrer


In my original texts, I am interested in both edge-of-science topics and history of science.

For my published work, please see:

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You would like to have structured background information text on a specific topic? A background story? A press release? Or you have results and want to publish them? Based on your information, I will produce your science text.

Ask me. I will reply as soon as possible.


History of chemistry comes alive:

“Wenn die Chemie stimmt—Die Fortschritte einer Wissenschaft im Spiegel der Nobelpreise”, by Doris Fischer-Henningsen and Roswitha Harrer, 978-3-941530-14-0, Bückle & Böhm, Regensburg, 2018

A chapter about photosynthesis:

“Atmosphärisches CO2 und die Photosynthese—Wie aus Licht Leben wird”, in: Reinhard Zellner, GDCh (Ed.), Chemie über den Wolken ... und darunter, Wiley-VCH, 2011.